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The Windsor Guardsmen were a Junior Drum Corps based in Windsor, Ontario.


Jacket patch 1971

The Guardsmen of Windsor were formed in 1966 by Don Robitaille and Paul Davenport, as a drill team and drum line. The first uniforms were much like the Preston Scout House who folded in 1967, except that the colours were green and white, whereas Preston's were red and black. Instructors were Leon & Sylvester Smith of the Harrow Community Band- percussion, Jack Jones of the Amherstburg Community Band- brass, and Linda Di Nard of Praesidium All Girls Drum Corps- colour guard and drill. As a corps surrounded by bands it was a hard road. Windsor in the 1960's had lots of musical options, like the Optimist Band, the Lions Club Band, theKingsville Essex Associated Band, the Amherstburg Band and the Leamington Townsmen Drum Corps.

1968 was the first evolution. The corps was now offically a"Drum & Bugle Corps". More changes included new corps colors and uniforms. Corps colors were now blue on black. The new uniforms were blue satin high color tops, black pants with blue kick pleat and Black and silver shako w/ white plumes. Color guard wore same except black skirts with blue pleats. Officers uniforms were same except white satin tops. While the Guardsmen were now a drum corps, the horn line was un-uniformed and still learning to play (this is in the era of teaching kids with "NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE").

In 1976, the corps was Great Lakes Jr. A Champion. The following year, The Guardsmen presented a totally new look. For the 1977 season, the corps was garbed in dazzling new custom made blue-on-black uniforms. The Guardsmen fielded a corps of 100 members, including a horn line of 45, a drum line of 30 and a colorguard of 25.

The Windsor Guardsmen were governed by an Executive Board of Directors and supported by a Booster Club and a Wintario project. The corps director was Don Merlo, assistant directors were Leon Smith and John Zavitz, and their Business Manager was Guy Hamel.


  • The original corps colours were green & white.
  • There were 6 different uniforms over 12yrs.
  • 1966 started with single tenor drums and 1978 quinte tenors.
  • Some of the 1st horns were Canadian made Whaley, Royce & Co. 1 valve donated by Toronto Optimist.

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