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The late Robert "Pepe" Notaro was the famed Soloist of the Connecticut Hurricanes. Pepe started his drum corps career at the age of nine. In a career that spanned a lifetime, Pepe won many personal awards. He was elected to the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame in 1983. Pepe was also named to the DCI Hall of Fame in 1990. While Pepe was a dominant performer, he also was an accomplished instructor. He championed the cause of the small drum corps arguing that if the activity was to survive, it must include DCI Divsion II and III corps. Acting on that philosophy, Pepe specialized in working with small corps and in the mid-1980s he taught a number in the Massachusetts area and the General Butler Vagabonds from Pennsylvania. Pepe had a deep, gravally voice, and a great sense of humor.

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