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Drum Corps Associates (DCA) is a competitive marching circuit, and organization that sponsors events around the United States at which, Senior Drum Corps perform.


Drum Corps Associates held their first championship in 1965. Prior to this, most corps were associated with the American Legion (AL) and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Unfortunately, these two organizations took advantage of their participating drum corps. Additionally, the AL and the VFW used differing rules of adjudication, so each corps would be required to decide which they would lean toward in their design.

The competing corps organized to meet in 1963 to deal with these issues, and Drum Corps Associates was created.

The final charter of DCA was signed by seven corps: Reading Buccaneers, Archer Epler Musketeers, New York Skyliners, Connecticut Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Rockets, Baltimore Yankee Rebels and the Interstatesmen from the Albany region of New York. Most notably, the Hawthorne Caballeros, Syracuse Brigadiers and Rochester Crusaders among others, had declined membership.

DCA immediately had moderate success in recruiting show sponsors and held their first championship in 1965. The organization continued to expand through the rest of the 1960s. Each following year, more corps were added to the Drum Corps Associates membership.

A neutral, but strong leader was needed to make DCA succeed in the 1970s. The corps chose newcomer Vince Bruni and the organization flourished throughout that decade. Vince retired in 1975 and DCA turned to well known Drum Corps personality Michael "Mickey" Petrone for leadership. Mickey led DCA for almost 3 decades. With only 2 leaders in over 30 years, DCA found a stability that allowed it to grow and survive through difficult and changing times for all Drum Corps. He passed on in September of 2004 and Vice President, Gil Silva moved up to the Presidency and now runs DCA.




The primary function of DCA is to provide an organization of drum & bugle corps with rules and regulations which provide for continuous progress and growth for drum corps.


  • Open Class - Membership up to 128 perfomers
  • Class A - Membership up to 65 performers
  • Class A-35 - Membership up to 35 members (primarily a DCA-South designation)
  • Minicorps - Membership up to 21 members (primarily an Individual_&_Ensemble,DCA designation)
  • Alumni - Exhibition only with unlimited membership numbers (can also be called a Reunion corps) <May or may not restrict membership to alumni from the corps namesake>

Individual & Ensemble

DCA sponsors, during the week of Finals, an event called Individual & Ensemble. These are events in which minicorps, individual members, or small ensembles, would showcase themselves in thier respective instrumentation. These events are also judged. This varied on the type of event.

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