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As DrumCorpsWiki grows in popularity the temptation to misuse its editability to bring attention to other websites increases. DrumCorpsWiki exists for the purpose of creating a collaboratively edited encyclopedia, not for any individual to promote a site that they have an interest in.

We can expect this problem to get worse. Search engine optimization is well-developed and becoming more sophisticated.

Currently spammers put links into unwatched articles, as many articles are in this stage of DrumCorpsWiki's growth. Links may lie unexamined for months. When spam links are reverted, there is little communication. To date most abuse has taken the form of obvious off-topic links and links hidden by wikification. It also seems that some spam may be the work of 'bots'. That is, it is the result of a program being run rather than direct human intervention.


Founded March 21, 2006 by Sam King

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of WikiProject Spam is to develop processes for recognizing, and eliminating link spam, to streamline communication between those who want to watch over articles to prevent it.

If you would like to participate, sign in at DrumCorpsWiki:WikiProject Spam#Participants near the bottom of this page. Please relate any of your own current ongoing efforts to fight spam on the talk page.


Recent Incidents

August 18, 2006

  • There have been few incidents in the last quarter. The last one was a borderline infraction in the Sandbox which should be wiped periodically anyway.

Recent Bans

August 18, 2006

  • No recent bans for Spam.

Finding Spam

What may indicate spam and spammers

Note that many of these behaviours may be due to unfamiliarity with DrumCorpsWiki and not spammer behaviour per se.

  1. User name is a string of alphanumeric characters rather than a word or proper name
  2. User:page and/or User_talk:page are red links
  3. No edit summary (other than, perhaps /* External links */)
  4. User has made only one edit, which consisted of inserting a link
  5. User has made multiple edits to related articles
  6. The majority of user's edits are to external links sections
  7. Edits are marked "minor"
  8. Link is trying to sell a product or service.
  9. User adds links to the top of a section, above far more relevant sites
  10. User replaces an existing link or part of an existing link.
  11. The syntax of the added link does not match the syntax used in the rest of the list
  12. User adds links to inappropriate sections of articles ("References", "See also", "For more information")
  13. User adds links that have been previously removed, without discussing on the talk page.
  14. Following a link takes you to a site that does not mention the specific topic of the page containing the link.
  15. Link is unrelated, or only marginally related to the article. For example, link on a biography to a specific page on a genealogy site describing the person's genealogy, but not the person.
  16. User adds links to other Wikipedia articles where he/she has already placed spam links.
  17. User includes within the link description, "hosted on example.com" with a separate link to example.com.
  18. Link is mangled. The spammer may be new to DrumCorpsWiki and not be familiar with Wiki syntax for external links.
  19. Text of the link goes beyond describing the contents to actively encouraging you to read it. For example, including text such as, "Read more about [subject] in [this fascinating article]"


What to do

Assume good faith


Suspicious edits can be marked with a {{spam}} tag on the user's talk page. This is important to warn us of repeat offenders. If they come back later there will be a record of their behavior. Placing the warning tag does not take much more effort than removing the spam itself.

DrumCorpsWiki Resources

External Resources

Project Templates


== SPAM warning ==

Please do not add commercial links (or links to your own private websites) to DrumCorpsWiki. DrumCorpsWIki is not a vehicle for advertising or a mere collection of external links. You are, however, to add content instead of links to the encyclopedia. See the welcome page to learn more. Thanks.

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  1. --Sam King 11:30, 22 March 2006 (PST)

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