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DrumCorpsWiki needs help articles and categories

DrumCorpsWiki works great but we need to make some articles to explain to users, and particularly new users, how things work, what good wiki procedures are and what features there are to help them. To this end we need to make articles in the DrumCorpsWiki: and Help: namespaces analogous to what appears in the same namespaces in Wikipedia.


This project was set up on March 28, 2006 by Sam King.


Phase I

Copy and "DrumCorpsWikize" help articles from the Wikipedia: and Help: namespaces on Wikipedia. Please:

  1. Add the Template:Wikipedia credit at the bottom of the DrumCorpsWiki page. (Add {{subst:Wikipedia credit}} at the bottom of the article.)
  2. Link back to the Wikipedia page in the Talk page of the DrumCorpsWiki article.
  3. Add an "External Link" back to the Wikipedia article if appropriate.

Priority should be given to first "red links" that are hardcoded into DrumCorpsWiki such as links from the user preferences and the edit page. Next all the red links in the pages for newcomers should be filled in.

Phase II

Further edit and design articles specific to DrumCorpsWiki. There will be issues specific to DrumCorpsWiki that will need to be addressed as we grow.

To Do


Template:Wikipedia credit

How to Help

  • Add your name to the Participants list below
  • Have a look at the To Do list and dive in.