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The World Association of Marching Show Bands is an international band association dedicated to promoting global communication and interaction between marching show bands. The Association aims to encourage active participation in marching show bands universally, to strengthen the movement internationally and to stimulate the staging of world class band events. Membership is open to Directors of marching show bands whose bands participate, or are interested in partaking in high calibre events around the world.


  • To identify, recognize and honour outstanding marching show bands that exhibit world class excellence at the international level.
  • To establish and support international standards of excellence in musical performance, marching execution, choreography and show design for marching show bands.


  • To enhance the performance and interaction of Marching Show Bands at a world wide level.
  • To encourage the development of "World Class Band Events" held in conjunction with "Internationally" recognized events throughout the world.
  • To sanction "World Class Events" which will allow Marching Show Bands from anywhere in the world to be performance rated on their individual form and style.
  • To establish the required standards for the judgment and performance rating of Marching Show Bands at such sanctioned events.
  • To approve standards of operations used at sanctioned events.
  • To consult with, and be a resource for such sanctioned events.
  • To convene meetings, conventions and other projects to assist in the development of these projects.

In order to achieve these objectives the WAMSB will concentrate on:

  • the understanding and acceptance of the variety of worldwide cultural forms and styles
  • the development of a transparent and fair system of judgment regardless of the form or style,
  • the maintenance of a transparent and consistent operations system worldwide,
  • the performance and interaction of youth groups on a worldwide basis,
  • the potential development for international and cultural exchange of youth groups,
  • the worldwide educational development of youth involved in marching bands, and
  • the professional development of the leaders of youth groups.


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