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The Ventures were an all-girl junior drum corps from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.


"The Ventures Drum & Bugle Corps was formed in the fall of 1972 by the late Peter Vanderkolff at the request of the Chief of Police who wanted a youth activity for young women. Originally the Ventures wore gold dresses and became affectionately known as "The Ladies In Gold". The nickname held a special meaning for each member and a definition respected by all. Since that first season thousands of young ladies have experienced the joys of belonging to the Venture program. Even though the uniform has changed many times over the years, the dedication, desire, spirit and pride retains the "Ladies Of Gold" as a unique and appealing unit.
Ventures have always been known as trendsetters in the drum corps activity. In 1984 they became the first unit to place their entire percussion ensemble in the front pit area. This revolutionary idea paved the way for a more musical approch to percussion writing and expanded new percussion sounds not previously heard within a drum corps atmosphere. The Ventures were also the first corps to adopt uniform changes within a performance with the multi-colored ponchos, which were removed layer by layer. The use of pennants and a large painted tarp for "Suite Earth" were other Venture innovations.
One of the most successful drum corps in history the Ventures won the DCI World Championships in the class "A" division 5 times! They are also the only corps in history to win both the "All Girl" and "A" Class title at the same time in 1980. In 1986 the Ventures made history again when they became the first all girl corps to place in DCIs prestigious Top 25.
In 1981 a feeder unit for the corps was established in the form of a baton corps. Within two years the baton unit evolved into a winter color guard program for girls between the ages of 7 and 12. This junior guard program proved highly successful both competitively as well as graduating many members into the drum corps.
Change came about in January of 1995 when the board of directors made the agonizing decision to suspend operations of the drum corps. Like other drum corps of the time, Ventures were faced with the two-fold challenge of finding enough girls to fill the ranks as well as increased operating costs. The resolution was to find all existing members placement with another local drum corps, The Kiwanis Kavaliers, as well as to continue the operation of the organization as a winter guard enterprise.
The junior guard program was firmly in place and the organization now added a senior program for older members. The philosophy of the Ventures has been to grow at a slow, steady pace. As the age and maturity of the Ventures increases, so does the program. With 12 Provincial and 8 Northeast Guard Circuit titles, WGI Regional finalists 16 times, and WGI A Class Finalists in 2001, 2002 and 2004, the Ventures Winter Guards have firmly established their name.[1]



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