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So Brantford Girls and St. John's are interchangable? When I went to the Ambassador's website and looked at the past scores, both St. John's and Brantford Girls were listed. I'm confused about the name change. - Steve B

The source of confusion is this entry in in this case:

St. Johns All-Girl were known as the Brantford Girls when I was marching Ambassadors. In 1981 they were definitely going by the name Brantford Girls. I remember their pink and black uniforms. (They beat us regularly too!)

corpsreps also has separate listing for Brantford Girls and St. Johns which is incorrect. If you look you will see they both have the same year of formation, because they are the same corps.

I will change the name to Brantford Girls in the DCI A-class results on the Ambassadors site (that's my site) --Sam King 05:27, 3 Aug 2005 (PDT)