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Many sources were used to compile the list of corps that competed in the RCA Championships, from other resources it was discovered that other corps were listed at various RCA contests but not at the finals. As was RCA protocal to ensure every corps competed as equally in a year, contests were booked as follows - Contest host would invite 3 RCA member corps with 2 RCA corps bidding for the remaining spots(winning biddder corps assigned based on number of contests booked), this done at the annual meeting. If the slate could not be filled by member corps others could be invited. Therefore when reveiwing the data avalable at the time of producing this list there still could be member corps that never travelled to the finals (unlikely) and non member corps that competed at RCA sanctioned contests. RRMerlin

Are you using and Drum Corps News? --Sam King 05:54, 5 February 2007 (PST)

I used the senior corps history site for the listing of the RCA championship scores plus a cross reference to discussions in sveral Corps website list their RCA championships and I have a copy of the entire 1975 season RCA scores (also have a copy of the 1975 DCA championship sheets), as for how the RCA assigned shows I attended the bidding meeting 1972 through to 1975 RRMerlin