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Copyright Violation

The material on this page is a copy/paste from this page on I have removed it to the talk page for re-vamping. I have learned that this sort of thing is giving us a bad reputation in the wiki world. --Sam King 16:48, 28 March 2006 (PST)

Text to be re-worded

The two music performance captions -- percussion performance and brass performance -- and the visual performance caption concentrate on the individual performer. The judge examines the musicians’ work at close range on the field.

In evaluating the music performance captions, a judge will concentrate on the quality of musicianship and the quality of technique (excellence). How well the individual musicians play will determine the overall score for each brass or percussion line. Judges will “sample” individual musicians as they play and march through the program, listening for the musical aspects that are positive as well as the ones that need improvement. The judge further applies his/her knowledge to assist the corps in improving their work. Additionally, a judge must recognize “simultaneous responsibilities,” which means: “How well are the musicians playing their music within the spectrum of visual and musical demands?”

Effective musicianship judging requires a deep understanding of the elements of music and how they interact, as well as a detailed analysis of the musical rendering offered by the corps. Style also becomes an issue when judging ensemble and the adjudicators must recognize the efforts of the corps regardless of their chosen genre of music. All performers must interpret the music in a similar fashion. Sometimes the judge may find that the brass or percussion work at cross-purposes in their interpretation. The judge will indicate this to the performers and offer suggestions for improvement.