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The Statesmen were a Drum Corps who competed in the United Kingdom from 1986 through to 2003.


The Statesmen were founded in 1986 from an amalgamation of 42nd Leicester Glenfield scouts and Hinkley Fiesta band. Their first year in competition was 1987 in the UK BYBA circuit.

Their final performance was in 2005 at the band review for a local BYBA competing band, Atherstone Youth Marching Band, which is now run by an ex-Statesmen member, aswell as the Statesmen brass instructor and music writer.

Competition results

Drum Corps results

  • 1987 - BYBA Champions class champions (???)
  • 1988 - DCUK Open Class semi-finalist 15th place? (???)
  • 1989 - DCUK Open Class finalist 8th place (???)
  • 1990 - DCUK Open Class finalist 4th place (???)
  • 1991 - DCUK Open Class finalist 3rd place (???)
  • 1992 - DCUK Open Class runners up (???)
  • 1993 - DCUK Open Class finalist 6th place (???)
  • 1994 - Innactive
  • 1995 - DCUK Cadet Class (???)
  • 1996 - DCUK Cadet Class runners up (48.0)
  • 1997 - DCUK Cadet Class runners up (39.0)
  • 1998 - DCUK Junior Class runners up (66.6)
  • 1999 - DCUK Junior Class champions (70.1)
  • 2000 - DCUK A-Class champions (???)
  • 2001 - DCUK A-Class runners up (68.8)
  • 2002 - DCUK open Class semi-finalist 11th place (72.4)
  • 2003 - DCUK Open Class 8th place (73.6)

Winter Guard results

  • 1995 - WGUK Open Class champions


  • 1987 [Catch the Spirit]

Lay all your love on me, Opus One, Great Gates of Kiev, Greatest Love of All

  • 1988

Mac Arthur Park, Lover Come Back to Me (from New Moon), Precious Lord, Take My Hand (from The Color Purple), God Must Be Tryin' To Tell You Something (from The Color Purple)

  • 1989 [Cats]

Selection from the musical Cats

  • 1990 [The Journey]

Celebration Suite, Pegasus, Granada Smoothie, Too Shy To Say

  • 1991 [Artistry in Time]

Commencement (from Adventures in Time), Quintile (from Adventures in Time), Malaga, Artemis and Apollo (from Adventures in Time)

  • 1992 [New York Voices]

Now or Never, Granada Smoothie, Baroque Samba, 'Round Midnight

  • 1993 [Secret Story]

The Longest Summer, Appalachian Morning, Third Wind, First Circle

  • 1995

Autumn Leaves, It Had to Be You, London Bridge, Free Jacque

  • 1996 [Music of Michael Jackson]

Thriller, You Are Not Alone, The Way You Make Me Feel

  • 1997

Caravan, Theme (from Pee Wee's Big Adventure), When a Man Loves a Woman Amazon

  • 1998 [Music of Buddy Rich]

Midnight Cowboy, Stompin' at the Savoy, Ride Into Town, Too Shy To Say

  • 1999 [Music of Stevie Wonder]

Another Star, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, For Once in My Life

  • 2000 [Music of Santana]

She's Not there, Let the Children Play, Europa, Carnival

  • 2001 [Selections from the Musical Tommy]

Overture (from Tommy), Christmas (from Tommy), Pinball Wizard (from Tommy), We're Not Going to Take It (from Tommy)

  • 2002 [City of Angels]

Prologue and Theme (from City of Angels), Funny (from City of Angels), With Every Breath I Take (from City of Angels), I'm Nothing Without You (from City of Angels) Amazon

  • 2003

Birdland, Malaga

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The original uniform was white pants with patent red shoes, black jacket with a white shirt and red tie. The hat was a white aussie style. (1986 to 1989)

The more well known uniform was revealed mid season in 1989 going into the second half, this was a black patent shako with chain chin guard and white plume. The jacket was black and had a large triangular flash off centre, it was lined with silver lame strips and silver buttons. There was a black cummerbund attached. The pants where white with a silver stripe on the outside and white shoes. (1989 to 2001/2002???)