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Spokane Thunder is a junior drum corps based in Spokane, Washington.


The Spokane Drum Corps Association was formed in the January 2004 and is organized as a 501(c) (3) corporation in the state of Washington , and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of determining taxation and the status of financial support given to it. It has a board of directors each of whom serve three-year terms in staggered rotation. The board elects a president and officers who are charged with overseeing all aspects of the organization and operation of the Association of a day-to day basis.

The Association's primary function is to found and support a fully operational and competitive drum and bugle corps. It carries this out by engaging a director and his staff, and determining the organizational policies of the drum and bugle corps, membership requirements, fund raising activities, qualifications for any and all staff, salaries, compensation, insurances and relationships with other governmental, civic and allied bodies.


2004- Was the Corps first year performing on a tour consisting of 4 shows in Washington and Oregon while performing in exhibition.

2005- The Corps first competitive tour through the Northwest and ending in California

2006- The Corps First National Tour through the Northwest and ending at DCI Div II/III Final in Madison, Wisconsin were Thunder took 6th place in Semi-Finals


The goal of the Association is to develop musical skills and entertaining programs in a healthy, safe atmosphere for young people. Its members are not only given the very best instruction but also directed to know and practice values which support family, church, school and community. The Association hopes that these programs will grow and continue over the years to embrace any young person in our area interested in learning and growing in the skills and values we espouse.


The 2004 show was "The Awakening" - Cloudsplitter * Selection from Durufle Requiem * Magnificat * Sleep * Gloria

The 2005 show was "Traffic" featuring the music of Samuel Hazo (arranged for drum corps by Russ Newbury) including "Ride," "Perthshire Majesty," and "Olympiada."

The 2006 show was "Firestorm: Nature's Wrath and Rebirth" - Paradiso/ The Calm Valley * Into the Storm/ The Wrath * Prelude on a Hymn of Praise/ Solace * Ballet Sacra/ A New Beginning


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