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The Senators, from Eastleigh, Hampshire, Great Britain, are one of the UKs most honoured corps. They boast dozens of BYBA and BYBC Championship wins and have a record equalling Seven DCUK titles to their name. They are also the most consistantly successful DCUK corps of all time, only placing out of the top 3 twice in the last 15 years.

Since 2000, the corps has won 5 of its titles, and has to-date not been defeated in Drum Corps competition in the UK since DCUK Finals 2002. The Senators have been awarded a High Brass caption for the last five years (02,03,04,05 in DCUK and 06 in DCE). They also hold the record for consective High Percussion awards having won 3 in a row twice (93,94,95 & 02,03,04).

In 2006 the Senators made the switch from DCUK into DCE, fielding an open-age unit. Currently the Senators organisation consists of four units, the DCE Open corps, an Indoor Percussion Ensemble, a Junior corps and a Cadet unit recruiting and training local children. The organisations total membership now numbers in excess of 100 people.


What's their story?

The Senators were formed in late 1984 by a committee of interested parents of children who wanted to do something more than the usual Marching Band Activity.

Included on the very first Staff of the Corps where Jim Vaughan, Nigel Brown, June Fitzpatrick and Joe Fitzpatrick. All still very much involved with and concerned about the Senators long term future.

From 1985 to 1987, the corps worked its way through the different classes of the British Youth Band Association, until reaching the BYBA Premier Class in 1988.

The corps first Premier League title came in 1989, along with a World Music Championship Gold Medal in Kerkrade Holland, and a second place at the BYBC Championships at Wembley Arena later that year.

This was followed up with another BYBA League title, and another Wembley Runners Up spot in 1990, playing the music form Bizet's "Carmen".

Having astonished many with their lightening quick rise through the BYBA ranks, the corps felt they needed a new challenge. 1991 saw the Senators move over to Drum Corps.

Drum Corps Era - The Shows/Placements

1991 - Fiddler on the Roof: DCUK 9th place.

1992 - Malcolm Arnolds Celebration of Dance: DCUK 3rd place.

1993 - Leonard Bernsteins Theatre Works: DCUK Champions.

1994 - A Frontier Ballet: DCUK 2nd place.

1995 - Life and Love in New York: DCUK 2nd place.

1996 - The Next Generation - A Space Odyssey: DCUK 5th place.

1997 - Arron Coplands Appalachian Spring: DCUK Champions.

1998 - A Night in the City: DCUK 3rd place.

1999 - Phantom of the Opera: DCUK 2nd place.

2000 - A Senators Opus: DCUK Champions.

2001 - Ballet Sacra: DCUK Champions.

2002 - Prayers of Vengance: DCUK 2nd place.

2003 - Listen with your Eyes: DCUK Champions.

2004 - Rhythm plus Movement: DCUK Champions.

2005 - Mission Incredible: DCUK Champions.

2006 - We Will Rock You! A Queen Symphony: DCE 3rd place.


Finals Bus Ride

One main Senators tradition that links members from back in the early 90's breakthrough into DCUK to now as consistant title challengers is the "Finals Bus Trip".

This tradition takes place every year on the way to the stadium for the Finals night performance. It's not talked about before hand so rookies have no idea whats coming, and not mentioned afterwards, but that space of time encapsulates what so many hundreds of people have found special about the Senators over the last 20 years.


Did you know...?

Prime Time!

The Senators have performed in front of millions of people in their history. Millions may seem a bold claim, but when you factor in appearances on the BBCs "Noels House Party", "Top of the Pops" and Channel 4's "T4" show and also an appearance on the pop video for top UK band "Keane", the audience numbers soon rack up!


Dozens of Senators members have made the trip to the US to spend a summer marching fulltime with a DCI corps. Senators have been represented in the Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cadets, Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts and Crossmen amoung others.

Record Breaking

The Senators hold the record in DCUK for consecutive High Brass caption wins having won the caption for a record-breaking 4 years in a row in 02,03,04 & 05. In 2006, their first year of DCE competition, The Senators won High Brass against stiff competiton from the larger lines of Beatrix and Jubal.

They also hold the record for consective High Percussion awards having won 3 in a row twice in 93,94,95 & 02,03,04.

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