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The Oregon Crusaders are a junior drum corps based in greater Portland, Oregon area.



The Oregon Crusaders began as a winter percussion ensemble based in Oregon; but in the year 2000, the corps decided to make the push to create a competing Drum and Bugle Corps. In 2002 and 2003, The Crusaders fielded a small corps in a few local shows, including Woodburn, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Boise, Idaho. The corps did not compete in Division III finals either year.


In the year 2004, the corps was able to break free of its local shell and field its largest corps of its history at the time with the show "Metro Metals" featuring the music of Samuel Hazo's "Ride", Eric Whitacre's "Sleep", and Charles Rochester Young's "Tempered Steel". This Div III group went on to win Division III finals in Denver, Colorado, as well as maintaining an undefeated season. The success of the 2004 season is largely attributed to new visual staff members Nick Benson and Dylan Thompson.


In 2005, the Corps experienced massive growth early in the season. With the desire of director Michael Leone to field a full size Division II corps of 135 members and the advertising point of the championship trophy, many auditioned and came to camps early in the season. The corps grew to the final number of 106 members. However, the corps experienced serious problems in the early portion of their cross-country tour. (more to come)


The traditions of the Oregon Crusaders are heavily influenced by the Blue Devils, as are most aspects of the corps excepting their music choice. For a time in 2005, such traditions were started as rocking the tour bus upon arrival to the show site to boost overall morale.

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