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Mystikal is a Junior Drum Corps based in Newbury Park, California. Mystikal is a member of Drum Corps International and competes regionally within DCI Division III. Mystikal is directed by Rob Lowery. The corps is part of the Mystikal Youth Arts Organization.



From The Mystikal Home Page

About Us

Mystikal Drum & Bugle Corps is a drum and bugle corps organized to serve as an additional musical venue for musicians who wish to participate in the DCI competitive arena while attending summer school or being employed. The corps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote the existence and welfare of drum & bugle corps through social events, music, marching and competitive performances. Mystikal is an extra curricular activity, which offers participation to BOTH boys & girls. Unlike sports teams, the entertainment factor makes this program unique. Usually its purpose is similar to that of a sports team: to develop TEAMWORK, to learn SPORTSMANSHIP, to ENTERTAIN. The corps is dedicated to bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests with a desire to develop and educate the community in the art of “Field Performance Theatre” through discipline, teamwork and the pursuit of competitive performance excellence.

The Organization

Mystikal was formed 2003 for the welfare of young musicians not able to travel weekly to other drums corps outside of the Southern California or can not meet the large financial obligations required by other drum corps. Mystikal focuses on the musicians living in the Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley areas (but not excluding other areas) for membership. The organization works in conjunction with The Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post #2666 to offer the members the chance to interact with the community and develop their leadership skills.

Our management team consists of the board of directors and officers of the Mystikal Youth Arts Organization that works closely with the executive director of Mystikal Drum & Bugle Corps. In addition, Mystikal’s volunteers will help obtain the desired outcomes.


Provide the opportunity for teenagers & young adults to participate in a highly competitive performing arts activity, while creating positive life experiences for all whom participate.


Improve the quality of musicianship and promote the values of pride, dedication and determination through a team effort while developing personal character and maintain the respect of our peers, our community and ourselves.


Give each member the opportunity to come together with other youth such as themselves that are highly motivated, and have a strong desire to pursue excellence and perform at the peak of their potential. Membership can prove to be one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences of their lifetime.


External Links

Mystikal: Official Website

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