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The Mighty Liberators Drum and Bugle Corps are an inactive junior drum corps based in Rochester, New York.


The Mighty Liberators Drum and Bugle Corps, one of the only all-black drum and bugle corps, burst onto the scene and became one of the most exciting "Class A" (one step below the most elite "Open Class") drum and bugle corps of the late 1970s.

Based in Rochester, New York, the group rose from the remnants of a local parading team of bugles and drums called Scott's Sabers. When the Scott's Sabers disbanded due to lack of funding, Mr. Emmitt Porter organized a new group for the youth of Rochester. Hence, the Mighty Liberators was born in 1972. In 1982, the corps disbanded due to funding cutbacks.

REBIRTH: In 2006, a group of Liberators alumni gathered together and started anew. Beginning with a color guard, the Mighty Liberators have begun their second generation.

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