Lake Front Stadium

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The Kenosha, Wisconsin noted art-deco Lake Front Stadium was opened in 1936 (reusing fencing, gates and other materials from the 1933-1934 Chicago Century of Progress), and is famous for being the venue of many of Joe Louis' sparring matches. But it was also the home of many famous drum corps contests including the annual mid-summer Kenosha Music Round-Up (formerly the Veterans of Foreign Wars Roundup) twelve-hour drum corps, band and drill team competition (including parade competition) throughout the 1940s and into the 1970s, organized by Albion Johnson. (This later became a band contest, the Great Lakes Band Championships, lasting into the 1990s.

Lake Front Stadium was noted since 1962 for hosting the Concourse of Champions, which was each season's opening Midwestern drum corps contest on Memorial Day night. Sponsored by the Kenosha Kingsmen, the Concourse of Champions lasted into the mid-1970s. (Often accompanied by chilly springtime winds off Lake Michigan, the Concourse of Champions was commonly nicknamed the "Ice Carnival" by fans.)

The Queensmen (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Queensmen) held the annual mid-summer Queensmen Invitational contests at Lake Front Stadium during the 1960s.

Lake Front Stadium was demolished in the fall of 1980, and the area today is a harbor for recreational boating.