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The Jolly Jesters (also known as the Jesters) were a senior drum corps from Toronto, Ontario.


The Jolly Jesters was founded by Vince Macciocchi.

The corps was related to the 5th Column Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. In 1956 the corps was invited to participate in a competition sponsored by the Toronto Argonauts Football Club. To avoid conflicts with the musicians' union and Canadian army regulations, the corps appeared in clown costumes and took the name "Jolly Jesters." Due to the popularity of the name and uniform, the corps appeared the following year in the same uniforms.

In 1960 the corps changed uniforms, abandoning the clown uniform for dress blues. Accordingly the corps' name changed to "The Jesters".

The Jesters merged with the Viscounts of Hamilton to form the Canadian Commanders in 1963.



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