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Iron Brigade was a Junior Drum Corps? based in Michigan, the result of a merger of the Marauders of Madison Heights, Michigan and the Royal Lancers from Wyandotte, Michigan.


The Iron Brigade was a merger between the Marauders of Madison Heights, Michigan and the Royal Lancers from Wyandotte, Mich. Both, great Michigan corps, fought it out during the 60's, only to fall to the evils of expanded budgets and travel requirements. The merger produced a corps that set the standard for show theme and inovation throughout the midwest. The corp's 1973 American Civil War show was the inspiration for the Civil War show that brought the Bridgemen to national promenance and produced a 5 minute standing ovation at DCI in Atlanta, GA. Known to the JCII as the "Ironmen". Iron Brigade was based on a U.S. civil war unit which consisted of the 2nd, 6th & 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana and the 24th Michigan volunteer units. In 1973 the corps, keeping historical perspective, wore grey jackets, with blue pants, and kepis (a type of headgear)and this was acurate as this unit did wear grey uniforms in the early part of the war.The 1973 repetoire was Purple Carnival, American Civil War Fantasy, Battle Hymn, Bubbles was a Cheerleeder( an old St. Joe's tune)and Amazing Grace as the closer.1973 Staff were Mike West as brass arranger and show cordinator, Art Dorn as brass instructor, John Osinski as percussion arranger and instructor, And Bill Faulds as drill design and instructor. The corps did little touring but dominated the great lakes circuit and was 1973 V.F.W state champions.


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