Introducing the drum and bugle corps

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Introducing the drum and bugle corps is a fictionalized account of the rookie year of a drum and bugle corps member in 1982. It is written by Janet Chefari and illustrated by photos taken by Ann Hagen Griffiths with additional photos from Drum Corps International. Although the details of the story are fiction, the corps described is a real (now inactive) A class corps, the Volunteers from Troy, New York.


Chefari describes the basic year of a small competitive drum corps in the early 1980s. Kim McCann, the protagonist, discovers the corps at a parade and we follow her joining the corps as a bugle player, her experinces with rehearsals, her first competition with the corps at parade and finally her performance in the A class preliminary competition at the 1982 DCI Chamionships in Montreal, Quebec. Along the way there are descriptions of contemporary drum corps rules, the history of drum corps and other non-fictionalized elements.


  1. Meet the Drum and Bugle Corps
  2. From Hunting Horns to Drum Corps International
  3. Drum Corps Basics
  4. The Color Guard
  5. The Percussion Section
  6. Bugling Brass
  7. Marching and Maneuvering
  8. Putting It All Together--The Show
  9. On Parade
  10. Competition--Lifeblood of Drum Corps
  11. Season's End

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pg. 30-31 " 'And it's very important that you understand one thing. You will have to spend a lot of your time practicing[sic] and playing with the corps, particularly during the summer. We will be like your second family. You have to be sure this is something you really want to do.' "

pg. 101 "Marching in parades is an essential part of the fund-raising program for most drum and bugle corps. Corps can receive anywhere from $ 100 to over $ 1,000 for a parade performance."


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