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Every once in a while, the media finds a great story within the drum corps activity. Here is a list of up to ten recent drum corps related media findings.

  • Yankee Rebels

By Bob Allen, Towson Times
March 15, 2006

It's a mighty, joyful noise - a wall of sound so big your jawbone vibrates and your spine tingles. The Yankee Rebels Drum and Bugle Corps, formed in Baltimore six decades ago, is running through its repertoire in a small hall at a Dundalk community center. And the sound is almost too much for the room. more

  • New Knights march to hip hop beat

[by] Craig MacBride, The Mississauga News
March 15, 2006

After 25 years, The Emerald Knights Drum and Bugle Corps is trying something new. In an effort to build up its membership, the group is trying to appeal to parents' desire to keep their children off the street and get them into something educational, while attempting to lure in the kids with new additions like a dance coach and hip hop influences. more

  • Old Scouts have a new show

By David Endicott, Special to The Capital Times
March 11, 2006

More than 200 alumni of the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, ranging in age from 23 to 80, will return to Madison in August to put on a special show at Camp Randall Stadium during the Drum Corps International semifinals.More.

  • Making music

March 9, 2006

They once set the standard for competitive drum and bugle corps, performing songs that ranged from Harold Arlen's "Stormy Weather" to the Frank Zappa piece "Peaches En Regalia." More.

  • Drum corps march to different tune

By Josh Brodesky, The Scranton Times
September 6, 2004

With a mixture of show tunes, jazz, theatrical costumes and elaborate choreography, the Drum Corps Associates World Championships brought together a range of generations and a diverse group of performers Sunday night. More.

  • Cavalier attitude: Drum & Bugle Corps gives Athens musician physical, mental workout

By Charlotte Fulton, The News Courier
August 21, 2004

When Thomas Turpin expressed interest in joining The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps based in Rosemont, Ill., director Jeffery M. Fiedler wrote back, "Should you make the Cavaliers, I can guarantee that it will be the most difficult... adventure that anyone has ever asked you to do in your relatively young life." More.

  • Marching to the tune of a different bugler

By Starla Pointer, News-Register
August 21, 2004

Jennifer Quillen grew up hearing her dad's stories of his experiences with the Blue Devils drum and bugle corps. Mike Quillen played trumpet and marched in formations with the Blue Devils when he was a teenager in California. More.

  • Rosemont drum corps wins world tourney

By Robin Finesmith, Daily Herald
August 9, 2004

The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps of Rosemont reclaimed their world title Saturday night, winning the Drum Corps International Championships at All-City in Denver. More.

  • Corps Strength: Blue Knights know the drill for music 'Super Bowl': Practice, compete, win

By Erika Gonzalez, Rocky Mountain News
July 31, 2004

The sun is setting and the mosquitos are starting to bite, but Katie Harris doesn't seem to notice. More.

  • Troupes march to Denver for world championships

By Erika Gonzalez, Rocky Mountain News
July 31, 2004

The Mile High City will become a musical marching mecca starting Tuesday. That's when 5,000 drum and bugle corps members from the U.S., Canada, Japan and the Netherlands will descend on Denver for the annual Drum Corps International World Championship. More.

  • It's a battle of the percussionists

By Ed Will, Denver Post
July 30, 2004

A roll of the snare and a cymbal crash, please: The Drum Corps International World Championships opens Tuesday at All-City Stadium, marking the first time Denver has hosted the event since 1978. More.

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