How To Remove Mugshots From Google Images

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Removing mugshots from Google images is a commonly asked topic. A filmstrip that appears when someone searches your name is the most prominent listing in search results. The filmstrip will feature a mugshot. Anyone who searches your name will see that mugshot. To have your mugshot removed form Google images, you must remove it from the mugshot site. To get your mugshots taken down, you will need to read the above. You will need new images to be able to remove a mugshot.

What is the cost to get your Mugshot off The Internet?
You don't have to pay anything to have your mugshot posted online. This is why this page was created. This page was created for people who want to remove their mugshots online for free. In order to remove your mugshots online for free, you will need to contact all of the website owners and request that they take down your mugshot from their website. Depending on what state you are in there are laws that may offer some protection against mugshot extortionists. To remove or suppress mugshot photos online, you can also manage your reputation. Lastly, if you do not have the time or skill you can pay a reputable reputation management company like us to remove and suppress mugshots for you. Our reputation management products start at $99.00

How Do I Find My Mugshot Online
The best place to search online for your mugshot is the website of the arresting agency. This could be the website of your local sheriff, or a police department. Some agencies do not publish mugshots online. They may take down a mugshot they have published online after a time. There is a possibility that you won't find it online if the arrest took place a long time ago. Remember that mugshots found on Google and other search engines will rank higher in search results. If this is not what you want, do not search online for your mugshot.

Cheap Mugshot Removal is the pioneer in cheap mugshot removal services. Control Your Search was launched as a first offer to clients who desired to feel empowered and remove mugshots online. This will also avoid the fees charged by shadow removal companies and mugshot publishers. Some of these companies still exist today and claim that they can remove your mugshot and improve you reputation on the internet. These companies are often run by shady individuals who have no idea about their customers and have a website under many different names. Instead of offering solutions that will benefit their customers, they try to extract as much money as they can and provide no real results beyond removing a few mugshots on the websites they manage that show who was busted.

Mugshot Removals Attorneys
Mugshot removal attorney's have no additional tools at their disposal than our team of experts here at In fact they are at a disadvantage by simply not understanding how the internet works. They are also trying to figure out how to remove mugshots from internet for free to solve a problem that modern technology has made impossible using an outdated institution that is slow and archaic. has a lawyer on retainer who can draft and send legal correspondence as needed. This process is slow, cumbersome and ineffective for us. Our method of suppressing mugshots is so efficient that we choose to unsubstitute images that require legal action from other service providers. They lack a basic understanding of search engine optimization, reputation management, and how to remove mugshots from websites.

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Why Are Some Mugshots Not Online?
Not every individual will need our mugshot removal service. Every time someone is arrested law enforcement will generate an arrest record. Depending on your location, a booking mugshot might be public. Many mugshot websites pull mugshots directly from public databases. If your local Sherriff or police department chooses not to publish arrest records online then you may never see them on the internet. Some mugshot sites may not be able to access the arrest records of smaller cities. If you are looking for someone else's mugshot who was arrested you may not see if they already had it removed. If for some reason your mugshot gets published online you can protect your data, employment, and personal life at minimum cost with our mugshot removal service.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys
Criminal defense lawyers are increasingly trying to remove mug shots online using legal methods with their own mugshot deletion service. They sent a cease-and-desist letter after they conducted research on the owner of the website that published mugshots online. They send the cease and desist letters by certified or registered mail. The legal language is strong in states that have passed laws against charging for mugshot extraction. This was started in 2019 in Florida by a scam company that guaranteed to get public records removed via kickbacks to the site operators. Their website is professional looking and they use high-pressure sales tactics and legal fees to force clients to sign reputation management contracts and retainer fees.

How do I remove mugshots from the internet?
Removing mugshots from the internet as quickly as possible is recommended by our reputation management specialist. You never want to allow a mugshot to sit online. this increases the chances it will be scraped and republished on another mugshot website. Hire a longstanding mugshot removal company like to remove the mugshot. Request that the website remove the mugshot. You can send a registered letter or certified mail to the website owner asking for the removal of the arrest record or mugshot. Submit a request to the platforms i.e Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, or Facebook asking that their moderation team remove the mugshots or arrest records from their platform. Lastly build up your web presence to erase mugshots from the internet. By creating your own content to outrank mugshots and criminal arrest records you can avoid the embarrassment of a mugshot online.

Are There Any Other Ways to Erase Mugshots?
There are plenty of ways to remove mugshots, some of the most common ways include contacting a website owner and asking them to delete the image. Suppressing the image by burying it with content you control is another commonly used method that we recommend is suppression. Suppressing mugshots on the internet can be done quickly. This process is free and takes no time. To help the mugshot get noticed, you should also have multiple photos of yourself optimized for your name. To have images removed, you can also report them to any potential platforms. Reporting mugshots as harassment, DMCA violations or bullying can help them.How to Remove Mugshots From

The owners of were arrested on a variety of charges, including identity theft and extortion. They no longer charge for removals via their defunct shell website unpublish arrests. You can now request an update on your page to see the status of your case, or whether your record has been sealed.

How Long Does It Take for Mugshots to Appear Online?
Your mugshot will likely appear online within a few days. Some mugshot publishers scrape social media and law enforcement websites daily and publish the arrest record they find online quickly. This is done to take advantage of the increased searches that people do when they are connected with someone who has been detained. It doesn't matter if you have a misdemeanor or felony charge the timeframe remains approximately the same. Online mugshots can be embarrassing and distressing for those who are shown. It is important to deal with mugshots quickly and have them removed or suppressed. If nothing is done to remove or suppress your mugshot. your mugshot can stay online indefinitely.