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Honour guard of Scout House 1961

An Honor guard (sometimes called a color party or a national squad) is a rank of corps members given the task of presenting a national flag. These flags are representative or sympolic as opposed to the decorative flags generally used by the color guard. At mimimum a National flag is included in the honor guard. State, provincial and municipal flags may also be included as well as those representing sponsors and commemorative flags that are significant to a corps such as a championship flag. Members presenting rifles or sabres may also be part of the honor guard.

In a parade the honor guard appears at the front of a corps. When used in a field presentation or show it will often appear at the front right of the field although this may vary.

In North America, some circuits or competitions such as those still run by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion require that a honor guard be present in a corps' field show in order to qualify for competition.

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Royalaires (Guelph, Ontario) Colour party on parade circa 1965