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The Granite State Garrison is an inactive junior drum corps based in Keene, New Hampshire.


The Granite State Garrison was founded in 1983 as a parade corps in Keene NH.The Garrison competed in Eastern Massachusetts Curcuit from 1984-1989.The corps also competed in DCE in Allentown, Pennsylvania,and also competed at DCI Class "A" Finals in 1987 and 1988, representing the state of New Hampshire.In May of 1990 the corps folded.


The uniforms and equipment that the Garrison originally started out with in 1983 were from the Simplex Minutemen Drum and Bugle Corps from Gardner Mass.

Former Members

Some of the former mambers of the Garrison went on to perform with the Spartans of Nashua NH,the Boston Crusaders of Boston Mass,the Cadets (Garfield),now of Allentown PA.

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