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The Field Band Foundation creates lifetime opportunities for the youth of South Africa through the discipline and creativity of music and movement. We build self-esteem, develop life skills and nurture future leaders.


For many South Africans, freedom has come but more than four million people still live in abject poverty. The Field Band Foundation was created to empowering young people in these communities to rise above poverty and ignorance. The Foundation was founded in 1997 in response to the need to redress the inequalities of "apartheid" in the urban and rural townships of South Africa. Music and dance were chosen as the vehicles for this social development because of their popularity and long history in these areas. The Field Band concept is based on the worldwide "show band" or "drum corps" movement. It has great appeal for youngsters and the FBF has a waiting list of over 3000 children wanting to take part in the project. During the apartheid era people of colour were subjected to a deliberately inferior education and today as parents they struggle to help their children develop independent lives. The downward spiral of poverty and ignorance also means that traditional taboos, such as not discussing sex with your children, are still part of the community - and so a shroud of ignorance affects many youths who need to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.

The Foundation presently works with 3000 children from 244 schools in 129 townships

Guiding Principles

  • belief in the inherent worth of the individual
  • constructive participation in civil society
  • commitment to self-determination for individuals and communities
  • acknowledgment of the need for social cohesion
  • the pursuit of democratic values and practices
  • the rule of law as a means of ensuring a fair and just society
  • respect for diversity and gender equality
  • development of capacity and willingness to resolve disputes peacefully
  • team spirit, tolerance, reliability, responsibility and self-discipline

Field Bands

  • Rea Agana Field Band, Gauteng
  • Meadowlands Field Band, Gauteng
  • PFG Londulusha Field Band, Gauteng
  • Duduza Field Band, Gauteng
  • PG Bison Buccaneers, KwaZulu-Natal - Durban
  • Chesterville Field Band, KwaZulu-Natal - Durban
  • Shatterprufe Northern Eagles, Port Elizabeth
  • Ubuntu Field Band, Port Elizabeth
  • Sisonke Field Band, East London
  • Cape Whalers, Cape Town & Stellenbosch
  • Belron Macassar Field Band, Cape Town & Stellenbosch
  • De Beers Superstone Field Band , Kimberly Northern Cape


Field Band Foundation

  • The Field Band Foundation

1st Floor, The Old Lake Market

56 Tyrone Avenue

Parkview 2139


South Africa

  • PO Box 72541

Parkview 2122


South Africa

  • Tel: +27 11 486 1126
  • Fax: +27 11 486 1126

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