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Fantasy Drum Corps is similar to fantasy system like fantasy baseball, football, etc. Depending on who's system you are using, the basics are pretty much as follows:

  • Directors would choose the name of their corps
  • Directors would design their shows music, corps uniform, pick staff, etc.
  • Directors would select captions from real corps to create how their corps is scored
  • Directors would create their corps' tour
  • Some even go as far as creating a Web page for their corps

Currently Running Systems

Drum Corps Planet Fantasy Corps League (or DCP-I/A) supported by Drum Corps Planet and ran by Steve Burstall and Jeff Hinton. Fantasy Marching Band, runs a Fantasy Drum Corps/Marching Band Season not based on real scores with a complete game system and complex scoring formula. The league is run by Alex.

DCP-I and FMB are both currently gearing up for their 8th "season". (As of April 2007)

Other Fantasy Corps Leagues

Past fantasy corps systems have been:

Fantasy Drum Corps International (FDCI) ran by Dr. Jeff Butera, Virtual Corps League (VCL), ran by Sean Taylor, and Fantasy Drum Corps Associates (FDCA).

Score Generations

The system behind each of the systems varied depending on the originator. What system that was used depended on which "season" the corps were in. During the live season, a combination of live scores and statistical line fitting has been used. On the off-season, past seasons live scores combined with line fitting were used. Some system have even used random number generators.

Past "Champions"

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