Fédération des Associations Musicales du Québec

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Fédération des Associations Musicales du Québec (FAMQ) is a competitive marching circuit, and organization that sponsors events in Quebec, Canada.



  • The Association is founded in 1972.


En encourageant et stimulant, chez les jeunes, la participation aux diverses disciplines du mouvement, et en inculquant aux jeunes le goût du spectacle, de la danse, de la musique, de la compétition et de la discipline personnelle.

Les Championnats provinciaux au Québec

The annual championship for Québec drum corps, first held in 1963, was organized by the Canadian Drum Corps Association chapitre du Québec until 1973 when the organization of this championship was taken over by the Fédération des Associations Musicales du Québec. The last championship was held in 2002 and has not been held since.[1]

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