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Dutchboy is a Junior Drum Corps based in Kitchener, Ontario.


In 1967, The Flying Dutchmen was established by Don Scott. The Dutchmen wanted to establish a feeder corps, and with some new recruits aged 9 to 13, Don Scott suggested the name "Dutch Boys" for the feeder corps. However, there was a store in Kitchener called "Dutch Boy", so Scott had to approach the owner to use the name. By the end of their conversation, Scott walked out with a check in hand for $1,000 and sponsorship from the store.

In the fall of 1976, it was deciced to combine the Dutchmen and the Dutch Boy Cadets into one unit. This corps, called the K-W Lions Northster Drum Corps, lasted only two years. In 1977, The Cadets of Dutch Boy was formed as a feeder to the Northstar.

By 1990, Dutch Boy had become a Drum Corps success, and was the first Canadian corps to make DCI Division I finals since 1977. However, this success was shortlasted, and Dutch Boy is now a Division III corps.




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