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Drum Corps Radio, a radio show hosted by Matt Mingle, first aired on the University of Delaware's Internet-only, secondary radio station, WVUD2, in March, 2001 as a one-hour segment before Matt's regular alternative music program. With limited advertising on rec.arts.marching.drumcorps, the Usenet newsgroup, that one-hour segment saw enough Internet listeners to completely fill the Real Audio stream.

Due to this support, Drum Corps Radio aired as a one-hour segment from 8-9pm. Not only did each segment air before a "sold-out" Internet audience, it even netted the first Radiothon (fund drive similar to PBS pledge drive) pledge from a WVUD2 listener.

Due to copyright restrictions, only pre-Drum Corps International shows aired on Drum Corps Radio during this test run. As the show gained momentum, Chris Maher joined in the effort by providing the show with exposure on his website, thereby getting the word out to thousands of potential listeners. Calls to the show came in from across the United States, even from an enlisted member of the United States Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii who marched in the Blue Devils during the mid-1990s.

During the summer of 2001, a great deal of time was spent planning a proposal to get Drum Corps Radio on WVUD's FM broadcast station 91.3 in Newark, Delaware. To do this, the program needed the support of DCI or Drum Corps Associates. An agreement was reached between "Drum Corps Radio", DCA, and Digital Audio Resources (the company that owns the copyright on most DCA recordings) in July 2001 that provided Drum Corps Radio with the right to broadcast any and all DCA recordings. This permission was the push that Drum Corps Radio needed.

The fall 2001 season of Drum Corps Radio did not begin until mid-November due to renovations in the WVUD studios. Following that November 19 debut, the show grew in leaps and bounds before leaving for a 3-week hiatus during December. It returned as strong as ever in January and did not slowed down until its final broadcast. In March, 2002 the program received some media attention from Drum Corps World and the University of Delaware magazine UpDate, a university publication.

The final broadcast was in May, 2003.