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Drum Corps Planet™ is a website devoted to all aspects of the drum & bugle corps activity. It houses a large set of discussion forums, a news archive, an archive of corps contest-related statistics, and links to sites that work together with Drum Corps Planet (abbreviated DCP) to provide other content, like large score archives or repertoires.


DCP was started in March of 2002 by George Dixon with the goal of creating a discussion group that would have positive effects on the activity, and invite wide participation from all corners of the activity. At the time of DCP's founding, the predominant discussion forum for drum corps was the Usenet group rec.arts.marching.drumcorps, or RAMD. RAMD was unmoderated and seen by some as less than conducive to furthering serious discussion of the activity in a way that would make an impact, and in Dixon's view, RAMD was having a negative impact on the public view of drum corps. In response to this, DCP was created as a moderated discussion board with the goal of growing in scope and abilities.


Drum Corps Planet is part of a larger family of sites, which include Marching Band Planet, Color Guard Planet, Percussion Planet, and most-recently - MiniCorps Planet. Dixon had relinquished total control of the site to community administrator Michael New of Austin, Texas, and a board of directors for a period. In September of 2005, Dixon requested and was given ownership of DCP again. On November 24, Dixon announced that he was selling the domain and all related information on eBay. After several days, the public auction was ended by Dixon and became a private auction, which according to Dixon had only one invited bidder, the individual or group of individuals to whom Dixon wished to sell the site. On January 26, 2006 the new owner of Drum Corps Planet and its related sites was announced as DCP Partners, LLC - owned by John M Donovan.

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