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What DrumCorpsWiki is not

DrumCorpsWiki is not a paper encyclopedia

DrumCorpsWiki is not a paper encyclopedia. This means that there is no practical limit to the number of topics we can cover other than verifiability and the other points presented on this page.

There is a kind of feasible limit for individual article sizes that depends on page download size for our dialup readers and readability considerations for everybody. After a point, splitting an article into separate articles and leaving adequate summaries is a natural part of growth for a topic. But for topics that are covered by print encyclopedias only in short, static articles, the fact that Wikipedia is not paper allows us to give more thorough treatments, include many relevant links, be more timely, etc.

This also means you don't have to redirect one topic to a not fully equivalent topic that is of more common usage. A "See also" section that states further information on the topic is available on the page of a closely related topic may be preferable.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a publisher of original thought

DrumCorpsWiki is not a place to publish your own thoughts and analyses. Please leave the following out of DrumCorpsWiki:

  1. Primary (original) research such as proposing theories and solutions, original ideas, defining terms, coining new words, etc. See DrumCorpsWiki:No original research. If you have done primary research on a topic, publish your results in other venues such as peer-reviewed journals, other printed forms, or respected online sites. Wikipedia will report about your work once it becomes part of accepted human knowledge. Not all information added to Wikipedia has to be from peer-reviewed journals; but strive to make sure that information is reliable and verifiable. For example, citing book, print, or reliable web resources demonstrates that the material is verifiable and is not merely the editor's opinion.
  2. Original inventions. If you invent the word frindle or a new type of dance move, it is not article material until a secondary source reports on it.
  3. Critical reviews. Biographies and articles about drum corps are supposed to be encyclopedia articles. Of course, critical analysis of drum corps is welcome, if grounded in direct observations of outside parties. See No 5 below.
  4. Personal essays or Blogs that state your particular opinions about a topic. Wikipedia is supposed to compile human knowledge. It is not a vehicle to make personal opinions become part of human knowledge. See DrumCorpsWiki:No original research. In the unusual situation where the opinions of a single individual are important enough to discuss, it is preferable to let other people write about them.
  5. Opinions on current affairs is a particular case of the previous item. Although current affairs may stir passions and tempt people to "climb soapboxes" (i.e. passionately advocate their pet point of view), DrumCorpsWiki is not the medium for this. Articles must be balanced so as to put entries for current affairs in a reasonable perspective. Furthermore, DrumCorpsWiki authors should strive to write articles that will not quickly become obsolete.
  6. Discussion forums. Please try to stay on the task of creating an encyclopedia. You can chat with folks on their user talk pages, and should resolve problems with articles on the relevant talk pages, but please do not take discussion into articles.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a soapbox

DrumCorpsWiki is not a soapbox, or a vehicle for propaganda and advertising. Therefore, DrumCorpsWiki articles are not:

  1. Propaganda or advocacy of any kind. Of course, an article can report objectively about such things, as long as an attempt is made to approach a neutral point of view. You might wish to go to Usenet or start a blog if you want to convince people of the merits of your favorite views.
  2. Advertising. Articles about companies and products are fine if they are written in an objective and unbiased style. Furthermore, all article topics must be third-party verifiable, so articles about very small "garage" companies are not likely to be acceptable. External links to commercial organizations are acceptable if they can serve to identify major corporations associated with a topic.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files

DrumCorpsWiki is neither a mirror nor a repository of links, images, or media files. All content added to DrumCorpsWiki may have to be edited mercilessly to be included in the encyclopedia. By submitting any content, you agree to release it for free use under the GNU FDL. 1 DrumCorpsWiki articles are not:

  1. Mere collections of external links or Internet directories. There is nothing wrong with adding a list of content-relevant links to an article; however, excessive lists can dwarf articles and detract from the purpose of DrumCorpsWiki. On articles about topics with many fansites, including a link to one major fansite is appropriate, marking the link as such. See DrumCorpsWiki:External links for some guidelines.
  2. Mere collections of internal links, except for disambiguation pages when an article title is ambiguous, and for structured lists to assist with the organisation of articles.
  3. Mere collections of public domain or other source material such as entire books or source code, original historical documents, letters, laws, proclamations, and other source material that are only useful when presented with their original, un-modified wording. There's nothing wrong with using public domain resources such as 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica to add content to an article.
  4. Collections of photographs or media files with no text to go with the articles. If you are interested in presenting a picture, please provide an encyclopedic context.

DrumCorpsWiki a is not a free host, blog, or webspace provider

You may not host your own website, blog, or wiki at Wikipedia. Wikipedia pages are not:

  1. User pages. DrumCorpsWikians have their own user pages, but they are used for information relevant to working on the encyclopedia. If you are looking to make a personal webpage or blog, please make use of one of the many free providers on the Internet. The focus of User pages should not be social networking but rather providing a foundation for effective collaboration.
  2. File storage areas. Please upload only files that are used (or will be used) in encyclopedia articles; anything else will be deleted.

If you are interested in using the wiki technology for a collaborative effort on something else, even if it is just a single page, there are many sites that provide wiki hosting (free or for money). You can also install wiki software on your server.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a crystal ball

DrumCorpsWiki is not a collection of unverifiable speculation. All articles about anticipated events must be verifiable, and the subject matter must be of sufficiently wide interest that it would merit an article if the event had already occurred. In particular:

  1. Individual scheduled or expected future events should only be included if the event is notable and almost certain to take place. If preparation for the event isn't already in progress, speculation about it must be well documented. Examples of appropriate topics include 2008 Drum Corps International World Championships, and 2012 Drum Corps Associates Championships. By comparison, the 2028 Drum Corps International World Championships and 2032 Drum Corps Associates Championships are not considered appropriate topics. A schedule of future events may also be appropriate.
  2. Similarly, individual items from a predetermined list or a systematic pattern of names, preassigned to future events or discoveries, are not suitable article topics, if only generic information is known about the item. Lists of tropical cyclone names is encyclopedic; "Tropical Storm Alex (2010)" is not, even though it is virtually certain that a storm of that name will occur in the North Atlantic and will turn counterclockwise. Similarly, articles about words formed on a predictable numeric system (such as "septenquinquagintillion") are not encyclopedic unless they are defined on good authority, or genuinely in use.
  3. Articles that present extrapolation, speculation, and "future history" are original research and therefore inappropriate. Of course, we do and should have articles about notable artistic works, essays, or credible research that embody predictions. An article on wikipedia:Star Trek is appropriate; an article on "Weapons to be used in World War III" is not.

DrumCorpsWiki is not censored

DrumCorpsWiki may contain content that some readers consider objectionable or offensive. Anyone reading DrumCorpsWiki can edit an article and the changes are displayed instantaneously without any checking to ensure appropriateness, so DrumCorpsWiki cannot guarantee that articles or images are appropriate for children or adhere to specific social or religious norms. While obviously inappropriate content (such as inappropriate links to shock sites) is usually removed immediately, except from an article directly concerning the content, some articles may include objectionable text, images, or links, provided they do not violate any of our existing policies (especially Neutral point of view).

What the DrumCorpsWiki community is not

DrumCorpsWiki is not a battleground

Every user is expected to interact with others civilly, calmly, and in a spirit of cooperation. Do not insult, harass or intimidate those with whom you have a disagreement. Rather, approach the matter in an intelligent manner, and engage in polite discussion. If a user acts uncivilly, uncalmly, uncooperatively, insultingly, harassingly or intimidatingly towards you, this does not give you an excuse to do the same unto them ("he started it!"). Either respond solely to the factual points brought forward and ignore its objectionable flavouring, or ignore the relevant message entirely.

Also, do not create or modify articles just to prove a point. Do not use DrumCorpsWiki to make legal or other threats against DrumCorpsWiki, DrumCorpsWikians, or Harlan Landes: other means already exist to communicate legal problems. Threats are not tolerated and may result in a [[DrumCorpsWiki::Bans and blocks|ban]].

DrumCorpsWiki: is not an experiment in anarchy

DrumCorpsWiki is free and open, but restricts both freedom and openness where they interfere with the purpose of creating an encyclopedia. Accordingly, DrumCorpsWiki is not a forum for unregulated free speech. The fact that DrumCorpsWiki is an open, self-governing project does not mean that any part of its purpose is to explore the viability of anarchistic communities. Our purpose is to build an encyclopedia, not to test the limits of anarchism.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a democracy

DrumCorpsWiki is not an experiment in democracy. Its primary method of finding consensus is discussion, not voting. In difficult cases, straw polls may be conducted to help determine consensus, but are to be used with caution and not to be treated as binding votes.

DrumCorpsWiki is not a bureaucracy

In particular, DrumCorpsWiki is not a system of law. Disagreements should be resolved through consensual discussion, rather than through tightly sticking to rules and procedures. A perceived procedural error made in posting anything, such as an idea or nomination, is not grounds for invalidating that post. Follow the spirit, not the letter, of any rules, policies and guidelines. Our dispute resolution process exists to mediate and arbitrate disputes between users, not to enforce judicial remedies.

When you wonder what to do

  • When you wonder what should or should not be in an article named "whatever", ask yourself what a reader would expect under "whatever" in an encyclopedia.
  • When you wonder whether the rules given above are being violated, consider:
    • Changing the content of an article (normal editing)
    • Changing the page into a redirect, preserving the page history
    • Changing the rules on this page after a consensus has been reached following appropriate discussion with other Wikipedians via the Talk page. When adding new options, please be as clear as possible and provide counter-examples of similar, but permitted, subjects.

What your userpage is not

Most of the policies here apply to your user page as well. For example, you can't use your user page as a free web host. For the full details, see the userpage help.

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