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See also: DrumCorpsWiki:How to log in.

When you create a new account, so you can log in, one of the things you'll have to do is pick a username. This page gives some advice on this.

What are usernames used for?

Your user name will be attached to all your edits, while you're logged in. This is partly for reasons of accountability. It's also helpful from a copyright perspective: if someone wants to use your contributions in a way not allowed under the DrumCorpsWiki copyright, they can ask you on your talk page, for example. Also, the GFDL encourages giving appropriate credit to authors, and your username is used to give that credit. Other reasons can be found at DrumCorpsWiki:Why create an account?.

It's possible to change your username, see DrumCorpsWiki:Changing username.

We recommend against using multiple usernames, unless you have a very good reason. See DrumCorpsWiki:Sock puppet.

Choosing a username

The best username is typically either your real name, or a longstanding Internet pen name. Please pick a username that helps us to write an encyclopedia. That means picking a name that you're comfortable writing under, but it also means picking a name that others are comfortable seeing and collaborating with.

Remember that a controversial name may colour other users' perspective on your own credibility or political viewpoint. In addition remember that DrumCorpsWiki is a world-wide source book and so take care in selecting a name to avoid anything that might potentially cause offence to someone from a different culture, religious or ethnic group.

DrumCorpsWiki recommends that users avoid

  1. names of politicians, military or religious figures or events;
  2. any other names that may be seen as potentially offensive, or endorsing or opposing the politics, policies or beliefs of a public figure.

People should be able to judge you purely on your contributions, not an emotional response to a potentially controversial nickname. Avoiding such names is in your own interest. So do please be careful. Remember you are working as part of a community. Show everyone else the respect for their beliefs that you expect them to show yours.

Real names versus pseudonyms

Historically, many wikis have encouraged users to use their real name as their user name, in their belief that a user will offer constructive contributions to the project if they are more likely to be accountable for their actions. Most DrumCorpsWiki users choose to use pseudonyms, although many disclose their real names on their user pages.

Avoid using real names of famous figures (living or recently deceased). Many editors consider them overly disruptive and may request that you change them. Creating a username of a famous person, and then performing disruptive edits in that "name", or in an attempt to discredit it, will likely result in actions listed under the "Inappropriate usernames" section.

Username capitalization

DrumCorpsWiki usernames are case sensitive and, for consistency, the first letter of all usernames will be capitalized when you create an account. This means that if you request the username "your name", the account created will instead be: "Your name".

If your username will consist of more than one name, and you'd like your signature to be internally consistent, you might prefer to capitalize each one when you create the account. This conforms to the widely accepted rules of capitalization: usernames are, after all, proper nouns. Examples would be "Your Name", "Your Middle Name", and "Your M Name".

Inappropriate usernames

Inappropriate usernames include both clear and masked names. DrumCorpsWiki does not allow certain usernames, including the following:

No confusing or misleading usernames, eg:

  • Names that can be confused with other contributors. (If someone else is using a nickname that you wish to use, please consider using your real name or an alternative pseudonym instead. In the unlikely event that someone else is editing Wikipedia with your real name, please add a middle name or some other way of distinguishing between you and the existing contributor)
  • Names that include commonly used DrumCorpsWiki software or community terms, or imply an official position on DrumCorpsWiki . (eg, terms such as recent changes, Administrator or the now-blocked name NPOVenforcer)
  • Also, beware that the letters capital i and lower case L, and the numeral 1 look exactly the same (I/l/1) in certain fonts, as do upper/lower case O and the numeral 0 (O/o/0). This should be taken into account, and creative use of one in place of the other (I where L would be expected and vice versa) is discouraged. Users may be blocked for choosing usernames that are perceived as impersonation attempts on present users, or gave the impression of being "official".

It is also recommended that users do not choose usernames that consist solely of random characters, such as "ZJUn5XDLfqSve6yO". The user may be mistakenly identified as a vandalbot by an administrator and blocked.

No inflammatory usernames DrumCorpsWiki does not allow potentially inflammatory or offensive user names. Inflammatory usernames are needlessly discouraging to other contributors, and disrupt and distract from our task of creating an encyclopedia. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Names that promote hatred
  • Names that are recognised as slurs
  • Names that refer to symbols of hatred, including historical figures who are widely associated with such
  • Names that refer to sexual acts or genitalia
  • Names that refer to violent real world actions
  • Names that are scatological or pornographic
  • Names that contain profanity, obscenities, or other potentially offensive language
  • Misspellings, or spellings of the above with "cr34+1v3 sub5717u710nz" (creative substitutions)

No harassing or defamatory usernames: Harassment and defamation is in any case inappropriate on DrumCorpsWiki. Further, your username is not a vehicle to attack other users with whom you have a disagreement. Your username should not be used to insult or mock other users, usernames, articles, or actions. Additionally, a username should not be used to defame other people, companies or groups, regardless of whether they edit DrumCorpsWiki. Nor should usernames divulge the personal information of other users.

Fairly or unfairly, the line between acceptable and unacceptable user names is drawn by those who find the username inappropriate, not by the creator of the name.


The primary purpose of user names is to identify and distinguish contributors. This facilitates communication and record-keeping. The user name is not a forum to be offensive or make a statement. No one has a right to any particular user name. While colorful, interesting, or expressive names may add to the pleasure of DrumCorpsWiki, they are not essential. This might include legitimate names and long-established internet pseudonyms that can be misconstrued.


Through the Preferences, one can choose a nickname used in signatures, independent of the actual user name (connected to a User: page). In general, the same rules apply for signatures as for usernames. A signature should not be misleading.

For more information on signatures, read the official guideline at DrumCorpsWiki:Sign your posts on talk pages.

Deleting your user account

Accounts on Wikimedia wikis will not be deleted. Accounts with contributions cannot be deleted since this would allow another user to create the account, and claim authorship of those edits. It is not possible for your edits to be removed entirely. They can only be reassigned to something else so as not to violate the GNU Free Documentation License.

If you decide after creating an account, particularly if you did so using your real name, that you would rather be anonymous, you can have your account renamed. You can request this at DrumCorpsWiki:Changing username, or by contacting a Bureaucrat with the ability to change usernames. When this is done, your contributions list will be assigned to the new user name.

You may also request your user and talk page be deleted as explained at DrumCorpsWiki:User page.

Any talk pages that you have signed will still display your former user name. These need to be changed manually by editing the pages concerned. If you feel strongly about your name no longer appearing on the site, you can edit these pages to remove your signature, or ask for other users to do this at DrumCorpsWiki:Help wanted. The easiest way to find these is by clicking "what links here" from your user page.

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