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Subpages are pages separated with a "/" (a forward slash) from any article or talk page. Making a new [[link]] that begins with a / (slash) is the common way to start a subpage. The page to which this link points is considered "subordinate" to its host page, and is titled and linked as [[Article/Subpage]]. It is possible to create a subpage of a subpage (or a sub-subpage). At the top of each subpage or sub-subpage, you can find a backlink to the higher levels of the page.

Allowed uses

  1. Drafts of major article revisions, i.e. [[Example Article/Temp]] (These can also be subpages of the article's talk page.) Do not use subpages for permanent content that is meant to be part of the encyclopedia.
  2. User subpages - making extra pages within your own user namespace. i.e. [[User:Example/Draft of article]] or [[User:Example/About me]].
  3. WikiProject subpages - for project-specific templates, discussion, or guidelines pages.
  4. Dividing up DrumCorpsWiki process pages (e.g DrumCorpsWiki:Articles for deletion, DrumCorpsWiki:Pages needing attention, etc.) which would otherwise get too big to be easily used.
  5. Talk page archiving - both article Talk and User_talk pages are typically archived by moving discussion to numbered subpages. This allows the discussion to still be searchable, rather than requiring a hunt through the page history.

How to create User subpages

To create a User subpage:

  1. Edit your user page and add a link like [[User:USERNAME/name of subpage]] and save the page.
  2. Then click on the new link; the text box that appears will allow you to edit the new subpage.
  3. Put whatever you wanted to add there.

Please note that links are case sensitive.

We encourage people to create subpages of their own user page if this allows you to better organize your personal content. However, DrumCorpsWiki is not a free host - using your user page (or subpages) for content unrelated to writing an encyclopedia is frowned upon, and content can and will be deleted if violations are egregious.

History of subpages

The category system supports hierarchical organization while still allowing an article to belong to multiple categories.

The MediaWiki software supports selectively allowing or disallowing the creation of subpages in various namespaces. In namespaces where subpages are supported, you can create a subpage simply by linking to the name of the subpage, prefixed with a slash (e.g. [[/Archive]]).

Slashes in article titles

Some topics have a slash in the name —. This is not a problem. If that's what the thing is called, use the slash.

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