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Dimensions is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. And from 2001-2003 was the only active drum and bugle corps in Michigan.


The corps first started in 2001 as a parade corps. Dimensions made its field debut in 2002 with their show 'Flesh Steel and Fury', Music from Conan the Barbarian. In 2003 Dimensions presened 'Industrial Zone' featuring two blue prints of a drum rack that was built during the show. Dimensions did not return in 2004.


Dimensions is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth organization committed to providing opportunities for youth development through music and movement in an educationally competitive environment.


Heart and soul - A necklace that is given to the members at the end of the season. They are given the 'heart' the first year, which is a red ball similar to dimensions logo, each year after they get two beads added. This was named the heart and soul by a 2002 age out.

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Official Dimensions Drum and Bugle Corps website.

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