Crack Any Master Mixture Lock In 8 Tries Or Much Less Using This Calculator

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Hi Samy, first of all, I obtained my lock open - so thanks! It did take me a number of greater than eight tries though so I assumed I'd give some feedback in case you're interested or another person finds it helpful. 1. My resistant location is around 19 which the calculator interprets into a primary digit of 24. Nevertheless, my first digit is 25. The truth is, the resistant location is a little over 19, but closer to 19 than 19.5. I estimate it is about 19.15, which does give 25. Instead of rounding up and adding 5, perhaps add the offset (5.Eighty five for me) after which spherical to the nearest quantity? 1. My locking positions are 1, 4.5, 8. I low cost the 4.5 because it is a spread between two entire numbers (4-5) and enter 1 and eight and get a last digit of 1 or 21 (or 8 and 28 relying on whether or not the primary digit is right). However my final digit is 25! The locking vary round 25 is a bit greater than at 4-5, so that it does cross 25 (24.2-25.4). So it is right to low cost a range between two whole numbers, however this reductions only that specific vary, 4-5, but not also 14-15, and so on. I obtained it by the normal advice of writing down all 12 midpoints, then discounting the .5s and the whole numbers ending in the same digit.