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The Colt Cadets are a Division II corps from Dubuque, Iowa. It is one of only three remaining cadet corps, the others being Blue_Devils_B and Vanguard_Cadets. It acts as a fusion between a feeder corps for the Colts and a summer educational program for youth aged 11-17 in the Dubuque area.


The Colt Cadets were founded in 1967 as a feeder corps for the then-Legionnaires. Serving mostly children in the Dubuque area, the Cadets are not oriented towards competition, but rather growth in the musical ability of members. Parts are written to each member's skill level, trips are often no longer than a week, and show design emphasizes fun.

The corps started experiencing large growth in the 2003 season. In 2004, it received Division II status for the first time, and in 2005 over 75 members - all younger than 17 - marched. 2005 also marked the corps' first trip outside of the country.


"We use music and excellence to teach each other about success in life." -Colts mission statement, the umbrella principle for all of the Colts Youth Organizations.


The corps began receiving inverted triangles in 2005 at the end of the season, much like the Colts; however, they are stamped with a "C" to distinguish them.


A flag ensemble from the Colt Cadets won the world championship in that event at the 2005 Individual and Ensemble Festival in Providence, Rhode Island.

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