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Originally the Theodore A. Wagner Catholic War Veterans Post junior drum and bugle corps of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the 1961 corps initially used four single-tension snare drums, one bass drum, and sixteen brass open valveless soprano bugles, and was meeting at St. Anne Catholic School on the city's northwest side. By 1962 the corps adopted the name 'Chordaliers', purchasing new black-pearl double-tension drums and a set of used chrome G-D bugles, and looking and sounding like a modern drum corps. By 1963 the black/white/gold-uniformed corps had entered Class C field competitions in SE Wisconsin, and eventually moved into Class B. Neighborhood changes and other disruptions weakened the corps by the 1970s and after a brief name change (to the 'Princemen'), many Chordaliers dissipated into other area corps or retired permanently.



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