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The Chattahoochee Sound Association (CSA) was a junior corps based in Decatur, Georgia.


Founded by Boston native Tom McAndrews, the Chattahoochee Sound Assocation (CSA) was a junior corps that formed in Atlanta in 1980. The corps performed in exhibition at the Drums Across America show at Atlanta's Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field, and appeared at one additional contest before competing at the 1980 DCI World Championships in Birmingham, Alabama. The corps finished 18th out of 21 competitors in the Class A prelims competition, with a score of 25.60. Winter rehearsals were held at the Decatur Recreation Center, with summer rehearsals primarily at a local park in south DeKalb County.

The corps staff included Spirit of Atlanta alumnus and Canadian National Snare Drum champion Randy Wickstrom, and Stockton Commodores alumnus and Spirit staffer Russell Stanton.

Perhaps the most notable achievement of CSA was that a large number of its alumni went on to perform with Spirit of Atlanta and other open class corps.



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