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The The Cardinals of Precious Blood are an inactive Junior Drum Corps based in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.


The Cardinals of Precious Blood were formed in 1968 by a local church in Toronto, Canada, as a youth organization. The Precious Blood Cadets first appeared in competition at the 1970 Canadian National in Kitchener, fielding a corps of 22. As the corps continued to grow, a decision was made to merge with the Precious Blood Majorette Corps and change the name to The Cardinals of Precious Blood. The corps made a significant leap in members and on-field quality.

The corps grew over the years, winning many Canadian and International championships. Some highlights of the Cardinals Drum Corps included winning the US Open and Butler Penn show in 1977 in the A-class division by five points in each show. Unfortunately, the Cardinals did not go to the Drum Corps International Championships, with Black Watch winning the qualifying competition instead. In 1978, the Cardinals moved into Open Class.

The corps folded the next year, after the local church withdrew its support, a week before performing at the Toronto International Centre with Fred Sanford.



There is some confusion between the The Cardinals of Precious Blood and their feeder corps, the Cardinal Cadets, however after 1978 the corps called the Cardinals can be said to represent the Cardinal Cadets.


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