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The Toronto Signals Band are a Senior Drum Corps based in Toronto, Ontario. They are also known as "Canada's Marching Ambassadors", "Sigs" or the "Second Signals".


"The Toronto Signals Band have been performing for audiences throughout Canada and the United States since 1926. Originally known as the 2nd Signal Regiment, this band was the first to inaugurate the one valve trumpet (since moving to a two valve), along with the bell lyre into the trumpet and bugle band program of that era. Continuing to lead in their field, this band also introduced to the Canadian audience, the sound of three-part harmony in trumpet band music.
The Toronto Signals Band then were known as the 2nd Armoured Divisional Signals Regiment. Subsequent changes in the merging of 2nd and 8th Signals Regiments brought about the name of the Toronto Signals Regiment. In 1959, the band left the Canadian Army to form the famed Drum Corp "Canada's Marching Ambassadors", well-known in Canada and the United States. Since the integration of the Canadian Armed Forces in the early 1970's, “Sigs” as they are affectionately known, have carried on as a voluntary organization, maintaining the rich tradition and heritage of their former members. Today we continue to march as a Duty Band to the 709 (Toronto) Communications Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces."[1]

Canada's Marching Ambassadors Titles

Canadian Drum Corps Association National Sr A Champions

  • 1957
  • 1958
  • 1967
  • 1968



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