Bayonne Bridgemen DCI disqualification, 1977

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During the 1977 competitive season the Bayonne Bridgemen were disqualified from Drum Corps International competition due to two overage members participating in the 1977 corps performances at DCI competition earlier in the competitive season.[1] After having performed in the preliminary competition and receiving a score sufficient to be admitted to the championship finals in Denver, Colorado,[2] the Bayonne Bridgemen staff sought a court order to be allowed to perform at the finals competition and it was granted.[3] The corps recieved a score of 87.85 which would have given them a placement of fourth. However after binding arbitration was completed in the fall of 1977 their disqualification was upheld. [4] The corps name and score was removed from the official DCI record for the championships and fourth place was not awarded for that year.[5]


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