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The Bandettes are a junior parade corps based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


The original Bandettes in 1963

The Bandettes All-Girl Drum & Bugle Corps was founded in 1963 by Mary Wilson, who continues to serve as executive corps director to this day. The corps is the last remaining all-girl drum corps, outlasting even the all-girl division. The corps uniform is instantly recognized throughout the activity; with their signature Highlander bonnet, and traditional plaid kilt, it's hard to miss in a world of pants and shakos.

DCI A-60 Finalists, 1989

The Bandettes are not just a corps, but an organization, also offering the Bandettes Junior Corps to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The Bandettes is not just like a family, it is a family. Over their history, many members have marched alongside with members of their families. Some members have mothers that were Bandettes, and even grandmothers. It's a remarkable thing to note that the Bandettes are now serving a third-generation of marchers.

Final DCI Appearance, 2004

In 2005, their 42nd year of operation, the Bandettes made the difficult decision to become a parade corps, and become inactive in the competitive circuit. While this has spelled the end for many other corps, the Bandettes remain resilient to this fact. The corps embarked on a mini-tour of the country, performing in various parades and festivals throughout the summer.

For 2006, the Bandettes have added another branch to the family, this time a co-ed performing unit, Bandettes Drum & Bugle Corps Presents: Steeltown Brass, named so because of it's ties to both the Bandettes, and the city of Sault Ste. Marie itself.

The future of the corps is full of possibilities; will the drum corps activity one day see the triumphant return to the field of not only the last all-girl corps, but with Steeltown Brass, and the Bandettes Jr. Corps in tow? Only time will tell.


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The Bandettes promote excellence in music education. We ask that each member be the best they can be, with the confidence of a winner. Our goal is to teach success through individual challenges and rewards, while developing team spirit. An experience with The Bandettes helps everyone understand a new meaning of winning; that rewards are not always the competitive mark, but rather what an individual gets out of the summer experience. In The Bandettes, everyone becomes a champion to themselves.



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