All-American Association of Contest Judges

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A subsidiary of the All-American Drum and Bugle Corps and Band Association, the AAACJ was the pioneering judging group, formed in 1933 to provide standardized rules, procedures, judging methods and scoring sheets for all captions, to form and maintain a source of qualified, uniformly-trained judges, and thereby to ensure efficiently organized contests. The AAACJ set up self-supporting nonprofit state chapters under its National Headquarters to better qualify regional judging applicants. Each chapter was headed by a chief judge and had both an Executive Committee and an Examining Committee (responsible for prospective judging candidates). Regular AAACJ meetings were held to discuss and suggest solutions to past contest problems, and these were submitted to the National Headquarters through the National Commissioner's publication The Bulletin for consideration by other state AAACJ chapters. Both AAACJ and its parent organization remained active into the late 1960s.