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The Imperial Guard was a junior drum corps based in Evansville, Indiana.


Formed in 1980, the Imperial Guard of Evansville, Indiana performed in competition for 3 years. The group tried to continue in 1983, practicing with a decent-sized drum line but very few horns and folded a few months before the 1983 season was to begin.

The corps finished 36th in 1980 preliminaries; 32nd in 1981; and 35th in 1982.


In the 1982 season, the corps traveled to competitions in

  • June 19, Ferguson, MI (2nd)
  • June 29, Terre Haute, IN (6th)
  • July 3, Wheaton, IL (1st)
  • July 4, Champaign, IL (1st)
  • July 9, Tulsa, OK (4th)
  • July 11, Great Bend, KS (4th)
  • July 12, Kansas, MI (5th)
  • July 13, Omaha, NE (4th)
  • July 17, Kankakee, IL (4th)
  • July 23, Arlington Heights, IL (5th)
  • July 24, Drum Corps Midwest Championships, Dekalb, IL (10th)
  • August 5, Green Bay, WI (3rd)
  • August 7, Momence, IL (2nd)
  • August 7, DCI Midwest Prelims (28th)
  • August 10, Louisville, KY (8th)
  • August 20, DCI World Championship Prelims, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (35th)

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