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Fever was a junior drum corps based in Modesto, California.

History (2003-2008)

1st Season

   Fever Drum and Bugle Corps was formed in 2003 by nine individuals seeking to recreate the old drum corps from Modesto, Valley Fever. It drew much of its inspiration and identity from Valley Fever.

Fever Folds

Unfortunately for all involved, Fever as a corps was dissolved during the 2008 season. Many of the members of Fever went on to join other corps such as the Santa Clara Vanguard, The Concord Blue Devils, Arizona Academy, and the Sacramento Mandarins. Many maintain hope that another corps from Modesto will form someday.

Shows by year


  • Repertoire:
    • Out Of Nowhere
      • Music by David Holsinger


  • DCI Division II Finalist
  • Repertoire:
    • Rites of Passage
      • Sobriety
      • Rite Of Spring
      • Providence Unfinished
      • Movement Three (from Paris Sketches)
      • Movement 4 (from Saxophone Concerto)
  • Placement: 4th
  • Score: 92.475


  • DCI Division II Finalist
  • Repertoire:
    • Anxieties
  • Placement: 5th
  • Score: 92.425


  • DCI Division III Semifinalist
  • Repertoire Unknown
  • Placement: 5th
  • Score: 79.525


  • DCI Division III Silver Medalist
  • Repertoire:
    • Exultate
    • With Each Sunset
    • Ride
  • Placement: 2nd
  • Score: 90.450


The entire drum corps always listens to the corps song, "Hymsong on Phillip Bliss" by David Holsinger, on the way to every show on the bus. The hornline has always also listened to "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D right afterwards. In 2006, the corps only used one bus, so the entire corps listened to both. Also, it is a tradition for the hornline to play the corps song for the entire corps after a show followed by an explination of it's history for the members, along with personal meanings of the song from some veterans. The hornline plays it again after the final performance of the season.

In the years that the corps has marched a cymbal line, the cymbals kissed the suns on their shakos while comming off the field after a show. The bass drums have always performed each show with a Jolly Rancher under one wristband, to be eaten after the show.

It is also traditional for someone in the audience to yell "Fever's Hot!!!" right before the start of every show. This tradition was started by Richard Braun, and he makes sure it gets carried on each season.


External Links

Fever Drum and Bugle Corps official web site

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